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Natural ingredients

F&R Partner Kft. was established in 2010 as a 100% Hungarian-owned bakery company.

We make our products from natural ingredients based on home-style recipes. Food safety is guaranteed by the fact that we operate according to the IFS quality assurance standard. Our workers have years of experience. We procure our ingredients and processing aids from Hungarian and internationally owned businesses that are regularly monitored and audited. 

Healthy nutrition

In preparing our toaster bread and other products with a long shelf-life, we pay special attention to healthy nutrition, and the ingredients of our products are free from additives and preservatives. To protect your health and maintain high-level hygiene, the Pantastico toaster bread comes in double packaging that is unique in Europe. We are proud for our walnut roll which won the “Best Beigli Roll of 2019” in a blind test conducted by the Hungarian Price Value Research Association, so we can say we can give you the best beigli roll in the country. We strive to make sure that our quality will confirm our prior standards in the years to come. Additionally, ingredients for various types of breadcrumbs are also manufactured by F&R Partner Kft., thus ensuring excellent quality.

Continuous development

The success of our business comes from the fact that we always keep an eye on the trends in the domestic and international bakery markets, both in terms of expanding our variety of products as well as following changes and developments in manufacturing technology.

We deliver upon request

Our products are available on the shelves of Hungarian and foreign store chains, with deliveries on a daily/weekly basis and upon request.

You can find us at our webshop, too, where you can purchase your favourite bakery products even more conveniently.

Value & Quality Award

Four of our packaged Pantastico! Toast Bread was nominated to the Value and Quality Award, which proves the quality of our products.

The high quality, domestic manufacturing, excellent ingredients, costumers recognition’s proved our colleague’s commited and attentive work’s merit.



Decades of professional experience guarantee that our products always stand for excellent quality.

Broad range of products

Our products include Pantastico, which comes in hygienic double packaging! There is also the range of toaster bread and beigli roll products in various flavours, savoury and sweet goodies, as well as gluten-free bread.

Our Products

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